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Customer Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it - this is what people are saying about us:


"I have loved teaching the cheese making classes and will continue to do so in Canada. I have loved my work with cheese making and love the reaction that people have when they get such easy success using the kits. It has been rewarding work." Cathie Hamilton (previous Mad Millie Demonstrator), Hawkes Bay/Gisborne, NZ

‘Yay for Mad Millie, my kids are on really special/restricted diets and although severely lactose intolerant, they can cope with raw A2 milk. A2 milk coupled with your cheese kits means my job is soooo much easier, where I can provide them with a collection of homemade cheeses’. Tracey, aged 40, Palmerston North, NZ

I absolutely love my Mad Millie cheese making kit, it’s so easy to use and the instructions are simple to follow. So far I have made Feta, Halloumi, Ricotta, Cottage cheese and Camembert. I love that there is no waste and I can use the whey to make the Ricotta and home-made breads. The fresh cheese kit is so simple and you can be eating the cheese in a short space of time.  Mad Millie kits let you be creative and enjoy delicious home-made cheeses. Family and friends are always happy to sample the creations. I look forward to making Blue cheese next. Trudi Black, aged 43, Nelson, NZ

‘Prior to the 22 February Christchurch earthquake I was thoroughly enjoying discovering the art of cheese-making. I progressed through four batches of Mad Millie cheese’ until the earthquake hit. ‘When I arrived in Milford and found your gift of a replacement cheese-making kit I smiled and cried at the same time. Your thoughts and actions are very kind and I do very much appreciate the gift. It is not only about cheese-making but your help to get us on with our lives as quickly as we can. Mad Millie is now a very symbolic part of the February earthquake for me; a symbol of human kindness and the resilience of us all. You have a vocal and loyal Mad Millie supporter for life!’ Martin, aged 50, Christchurch, NZ

My husband gave me the Mad Millie Artisan Cheese Making Kit for my birthday last November and I have fallen in love with cheese making it is soooo much fun and all my results have been fabulous. I have since added the speciality cheese kit and am now making feta both plain and flavoured, halloumi, mozzerella, cream cheese and camembert. My latest venture is blue cheese can’t wait for that!! Everyone who samples my cheeses raves about them and say they can’t believe I have made them at home and I can’t believe how easy it is and how much fun I have had doing it. The kits and recipe books just make it all so simple. Karen, aged 56, Wanganui, NZ

‘I just love making Mad Millie cheeses, it is great fun and a new learning curve, it is all about trial and error. Our favourites are the Camembert and blue!’ Suzanne, aged 59, Hastings, NZ

‘From time to time over the last few years I made fresh cheeses at home, with mixed results. About six weeks ago we bought a Mad Millie Artisan’s One Day Cheese Kit and I now make delicious inexpensive Halloumi, Feta, Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Ricotta and Creme Fraiche. Fresh Feta is a revalation, Haloumi is amazingly easy, and the kit has already paid for itself. The Mad Millie instructions are clearly written and designed for ordinary unhomogenised milk; there is no need for special expertise and anyone who can follow a recipe can now make cheese’  Helen, Auckland, NZ

‘I was referred to Mad Millie Cheese Making kits a few months ago by a friend. I started with the Beginners Italian kit and have worked my way through each kit. I’ve really enjoyed learning about the skill of cheesemaking, and particularly enjoy making and using the cheese with my children. I’ve had heaps of positive feedback from friends on different cheese that I have made using the kits; particularly the Feta and Camembert. For me, the fun is in ‘playing scientist’-measuring and using different processes to make a range of cheese’. Emma, Wellington, NZ

‘I have so far munched my way from French Style Cream Cheese, through Halloumi and goats Feta, to most recently Camembert. The friendly gang at Mad Millie has been very helpful with quick responses to the few questions I had. Making cheese is heaps of fun, I’ve learnt lots, and the results are yummy as well as satisfying. I can say, “I made this”- my friends think it is awesome’ Arjen, aged 42, Brisbane, Aus

I was always interested in making my own cheese but it seemed so inaccessible and expensive until I came across Mad Millie. Buying my first Mad Millie kit gave me the confidence to give cheesemaking a go knowing that everything I needed was right there in the box. What started as a fun hobby for me has turned into a great way of reducing the weekly grocery bill for our cheese-loving family. Kelly, aged 32, Wellington, NZ

‘I am a satisfied customer of the Mad Millie range, especially the cheese making supplies. Keep up the good Work’.Claudia, Rangiora, NZ

‘I was out at a meeting where the topic for the night was ‘Mad Millie cheesemaking’. We watched the youtube videos and sampled a couple of cheeses the host had made. I was sold! Purchased my own Basic Equipment Kit and Beginners Italian and was away! I have now made several batches of Camembert, Feta, Halloumi, Farmhouse Cheddar and Ricotta. I am still in the early stages but love it. The great thing is the help from the Mad Millie team if you have a problem. They are always happy to hear how the batches have turned out. I love my Mad Millie products and have recommended them to lots of people. It is amazing how you can get chatting to a complete stranger & manage to tell them that you are going home to make cheese!’  Aged 62, Auckland, NZ

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