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Cumin Gouda

Written by Cjantra on May 24th, 2017.      0 comments

For a nice twist on traditional Gouda try this recipe for adding cumin to the cheese. The addition of zesty spice makes the cheese a good choice to accompany dark breads and robust beers. Gouda with cumin is a natural pairing but this recipe also works well with mustard seed or chilli flakes. 

The Mad Millie Artisan Cheese Kit is a great choice for preparing Gouda and many other cheeses. With a cheese press, wax, moulds and all the equipment you need to create fabulous cheeses just pick up some Aromatic Mesophilic Culture and get creative.  

Cumin Gouda

• 6 L (6 US qt) full fat unhomogenised milk
• 3 ml (0.1 oz) calcium chloride
• 1 sachet of Mad Millie Aromatic Mesophilic Culture
• 2 tablets of Mad Millie Vegetable Rennet diluted in ¼ cup (62 ml) of non-chlorinated water
• Salt for a 25% brine solution (see step 5)
• 4 cups (1 L) of hot water (80°C / 176°F)

• Large pot
• Cheese Cloth
• Thermometer
• Pipette
• Draining Spoon
• Colander
• Curd Knife
• Cheese Press


Step 1: Inoculating the milk

• Thoroughly sterilise all equipment with Mad Millie steriliser (see bottle instructions for use).
• In a pot on the stove, heat the milk to 32°C (90°F). Add reserved water from spice if required ( see below).
• Add 3 ml calcium chloride.
• Stir in the mesophilic culture and leave to ripen for 15 minutes.
• Once you have waited 15 minutes, stir in the diluted rennet.
• Cover and leave to ripen for 45 minutes on your warm, turned off stove (turn off the hot element). Use a water bath if you are making  
  cheese in a cooler climate.
• Once firmly set, cut the curd into 1 cm (1/2 inch) cubes.

Step 2: Washing the Curd
• Remove 1/3 of the whey and add approx. 2.5 cups (750 ml) of hot water to the curds until the temperature reaches 33°C (91°F) while      
  constantly stirring.
• Drain off whey to the level of the curds and again add hot water until the temperature reaches 38°C (100°F).
• Leave for 15 minutes at 38°C (100°F) while stirring, then leave for 30 minutes before pouring off the rest of the remaining whey

Step 3: Draining and milling the curds
• Transfer the curds into a cheese cloth lined colander. Tie the corners into a knot and hang the bag in a warm spot to drain for 1 hour.
• After 1 hour, place the curds into a bowl and break them up into small pieces. With clean sterile hands, mix in the salt and add spice if  

Step 4: Moulding and pressing the curd
• Pack the curds into the cheese press mould, lined with a cheese cloth. Press at 5 kg (11 lb) for 15 minutes.
• Remove the Gouda cheese from the mould. Remove the cheese cloth, turn the cheese over, redress the cheese in the cheese cloth and
  press again for 30 minutes at 5 kg (11 lb).
• Remove and repeat this process again but press it at 5 kg (11 lb) for 30 minutes.
• Remove and repeat this process again but press it at 10 kg (22 lb) for 30 minutes.
• Remove and repeat this process again but press it at 10 kg (22 lb) for 2 hours.
• Remove and repeat this process again but press it at 12 kg (26 lb) for 12-16 hours.

Step 5: Brining

• Bring 1.5 L (1.5 US qt) of water to the boil before stirring in 375 g (13 oz) of cheese salt.
• Once cool down to 12°C (54°F), stir in 1.5 tsp of white vinegar to balance the pH.
• Soak the cheese in a saturated brine solution for 12 hours at 12°C (54°F). Turn the cheese every 3 hours to ensure even salting   
Step 6: Maturing
• After 12 hours, remove the cheese from the cheese mould and air dry on a cheese mat until the cheese develops a natural dry rind (air
  drying on the kitchen bench is fine but make sure you cover it with a mesh food cover or something similar). This should take about 1
  week (depending on humidity). Turn the cheese every day during this time.
• After the cheese has developed a natural rind, it is ready for waxing.
• Age the waxed cheese on a cheese mat and keep on the kitchen bench or in a clean cupboard (around 12°C (54°F)) for a minimum of 7  

Adding Cumin Seeds to Gouda
• Add 1 Tbsp of cumin seeds to 120 ml (4 US fl oz) of water and simmer in a pot on the stove for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, strain the
  seeds and reserve the water.
• With the reserved water, allow the water to cool and add this to the milk before heating.
• Once curd is drained add the Cumin seeds and blend through. The same process can be followed for mustard seeds or chili flakes.


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