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What's the Difference Between Mad Millie Kefir Culture and Kefir Grains?

Written by Cjantra on April 8th, 2016.      5 comments

We have had many people unsure about the difference between our Mad Millie Kefir Culture and Kefir Grains which you can find elsewhere.

We thought we'd do up a quick reference table to let you know the main differences.
Mad Millie Kefir Culture 
  • Looks like a powder or very tiny grains.
  • Can be used with coconut water, fruit juice, coconut milk and milk.
  • Contains seven strains of bacteria and one strain of yeast. 
  • Can reculture one to two times. 
  • Suited for people who do not wish to have to feed kefir regularly. 
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Powdered consistency - All you need to do is, pour sachet into jar, shake, allow it to set overnight. This is a DVS (direct vat set) culture, which means culture is freeze dried bacteria that can be added directly to liquid of choice. 
  • For 1L of milk, we require 1 sachet.  
Kefir Grain 
  • Looks a lot like small cauliflower florets. 
  • Best used with milk or coconut milk. Non dairy milks can be cultured, probiotic multiplying results are hard to measure.
  • Multiple numbers of strains.
  • Needs looking after. 
  • Works best when used back to back/reculture straight away.
  • Harder to maintain. If you go away or just want a break you must make sure you still store them correctly. - Generally need daily feeding.
  • If the kefir grains are dormant or dead, you may end up with rancid milk which should not be consumed. 
  • 2-4 Tbsp of milk grains to 4 cups of liquid.

Both options will provide great results, whether you're a busy person or want to make this a hobby. 
The benefits of using our Mad Millie Culture is that it can be used for either milk based or water based kefir while with kefir grains you will need to choose between either water grains or milk grains. For on the go people our culture is a great choice because it is stable and does not need any maintenance to keep alive. In the end the choice is yours as both options will produce delicious kefir. 


Ishka says ...
I use my culture back to back as I drink it every day. I've been using the same culture from your powdered packet since end of October. It seems to be OK. That being said I'm not sure because it is thin with large clusters of soft bacteria(?) which I drink with the culture. It always separates now days. I've been wondering if it is still really full of the probiotics but it tastes the same. I simply add more milk when it gets low. I want one that can be used indefinitely.
Wendy says ...
I drain milk kefir grains every day and use as yoghurt on my muesli so not putting in as much milk. About 1 - 1 1/2 cups milk to 2tbsp grains at the moment. Occasionally I put grains into 1 litre milk and use to make scones or similar (if organised enough)!
Mad Millie says ...
Wendy, what a great idea to use it with scones!
Ishka, we haven't tried using it back to back. Great feedback! I will be sure to tell our tech team.
Odette says ...
I love the Mad Mille kefir culture it is so user friendly. How does it compare in terms of number of probiotics in comparison to the kefir grains?

Jaz says ...
What strain of yeast is in your kefir? I have sensitivity to brewers yeast and bakers yeast. Also dairy. I was hoping to make coconut water kefir and almond milk kefir.
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