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The story of us

We’ve come a long way from our humble kiwi roots, but we still operate like the original craft company we started out as.

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How Mad Millie came to be

Nearly 10 years ago a small group of passionate individuals living in Wellington, the windy capital of New Zealand, decided to make some cheese. They wanted to create the smooth, punchy, flavoursome cheese that can only be found at farmers markets. The type of cheese where you can’t control your consumption and cheese dreams are inevitable. It was a bit tricky at first, but fun and rewarding too. They wanted to share the satisfaction, unbeatable flavour and connection that comes from making food yourself, from scratch. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could break it down and make it achievable for everyone?” they thought. Mad Millie was born and named to represent the passion and spirit of those who go a little bit mad over their love of crafting.

Perfecting our craft

What began as an assortment of cheese kits quickly grew into a full range of more than 30 products; from yoghurt and sauerkraut to skyr, vegan cheese and kombucha. The team expanded and moved up North to the big smoke, before branching out into markets across the globe. Through your support , Mad Millie is now available on the shelves in New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA and is making the move on Europe. Over time the products and packaging have changed and morphed as the brand has grown and evolved. The latest update is a total overhaul of the look and feel of Mad Millie; one step closer to creating a better product for our community of creators.

Sticking to our roots

Mad Millie’s goal is to make things as easy and accessible as possible while making sure that you, the real creator, still has the chance to get back to basics. We’re all about inspiring slow living and creativity by doing something new and different with your free time. We want our communities to take a break from the fast-paced reality of life, let their inner creative spirit loose and share their creations with each other. The benefit of slowing down and appreciating what you’re doing is becoming even more important with the technology-driven world we live in. We think it’s vital to switch off and just think about the task at hand. Think about what you’re putting into your food, where it has come from and how delicious it will be when you share it with friends and family.

The kind of company we want to see in the world

At Mad Millie we’re making sure we take the time to think, ponder, reflect. Right now, we’re actively trying to understand how we can be more sustainable while still inspiring and nurturing your creative spirit. From ingredients, packaging and responsible manufacturing practices to being active members of our communities where we live and work—we’re passionate about doing good and helping to accelerate universal wellness. Mad Millie is also recognised as a great place to work with some of our founding employees still with us to this day.
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Thank you!

We will continue to grow and change, but our roots will remain embedded in our founding purpose: As Fresh As Can Be. Thank you to each customer, employee, retailer, distributor, supplier, investor and friend for giving us the chance to grow.

We’ll keep spreading the word on the joys of making food as fresh as can be, one person, one recipe, one community at a time.