Most people’s lives are busy, trying to keep up with work, friends, families and any number of other things you can fit into each day. It’s not often that you slow down enough to think about if you’re doing anything for yourself.

Now we unfortunately can’t magic up a few extra hours in each day for you all, and we’re not sure we would want to. Instead we encourage you to look at how you’re doing things and if you could be making little changes here and there to steal a moment to yourself. Whether you choose to spend that moment (or hopefully multiple moments) reading a good book, going for a walk or a run, doing some baking for friends or even making some cheese, it’s up to you. The most important thing is that you’re using that moment to just be present and appreciate what you have.

With technology being a huge part of our lives, we are needing to make more of a conscious effort to step away from the screens. Give ourselves the space for our thoughts to start meandering into different things that are going on, daydreaming up solutions to all manner of problems. It really does make a difference to our everyday health.

We are obviously a little bit biased in our preferences, but we find that relaxing through ‘doing’ can be one of the most cathartic experiences. With the constant stimulation we get in everyday life it can often be quite hard to just be still. We like to wind down into this by getting a little creative and making something useful in the process.

Get the music going, pull out all your ingredients and get stuck in, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and how good you feel choosing this over another tv session. Plus, then you have some delicious kombucha fermenting or some halloumi ready to go for brunch after the dawn service. Go on, you won’t regret it!