The different infusion options with the Mad Millie Gin Kit are endless. Don’t feel like you need to keep it traditional, get creative, think outside the box!

Below is a recipe that adds a little spark to the traditional homemade gin, we hope you enjoy the refreshing flavours as much as we do.


1 L Mad Millie Handmade Gin

1 pink or red grapefruit (or any citrus fruit you prefer!)

2 ½ cm piece of fresh ginger, sliced

Fresh basil to garnish



Follow the Mad Millie Gin Kit instructions and steep your gin for 24 hours with the Mad Millie botanicals.

Thoroughly clean the outside of the grapefruit.

Peel the grapefruit, making sure you don’t get too much pith (white part of the fruit).

Squeeze the grapefruit juice into the 1 L jar of steeping gin. Add the grapefruit peel and sliced ginger.

Leave to steep for a further 12 hours before pouring through the filter paper and funnel into your bottles.

Serve with lots of ice, a garnish of basil and either sparkling water or tonic.

Mad Millie Grapefruit, Ginger and Basil Gin