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Good and bad moulds/molds in cheese making

Mould and cheese go hand in hand, what would camembert, brie or blue vein cheese be without the mould? A chunk of curd, that’s what. Unfortunately, from time to time you’ll open your cheese fridge or ageing box and find some sneaky scoundrels have worked their way in there and infected your precious creations. Pink, orange, red and green, sometimes even black! While these moulds aren’t ideal, we’ve given you a few guidelines below on how to avoid them in the future and what to do about them right now.

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Yoghurt, Kefir or Skyr, what are the differences?

Kefir, yoghurt and skyr; all delicious, all great for your gut but what is the difference between the three? Let us guide you through a culture revelation (bacterial culture we mean) and provide some clarity on what’s what and why you might choose one over the other. All three products go through a fermentation process where the added culture converts sugars into acids. This gives the tart flavour that is synonymous with yoghurt, kefir or skyr. From there the differences start to become more obvious than the similarities.

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Which sugar is best for fermenting?

The use of sugar in brewing and fermenting can raise a lot of questions, particularly if you’re just getting started in this creative realm. We’ve put together a brief overview of why you need to add sugar for brewing your ginger beer and kombucha, what types of sugar are the best for your products and some suggestions for experimentation.

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Tips for making the perfect feta

Feta cheese is one of those homemade creations that can prove to be a bit tricky. No matter how many times we’ve made it, it’s slightly different almost every time. This is the beauty of homemade creations though, we just put it down to the ‘artisan effect’. Whether you are a seasoned professional feta maker or just getting started, below are some tips and tricks that might help along the way.

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Different types of milk

Good quality milk is where all cheese making starts. Along with quality, it’s so important to make sure you’re buying the right type of milk, otherwise, you may find your cheese making doesn’t work out quite as expected. There are three main types of milk that you will find in the supermarket, they are all pasteurised but use slightly different methods during the production process.

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Kefir Culture vs Kefir Grains

Kefir can be made with grains or culture, but sometimes the difference between the two gets a tad confusing! They both produce delicious kefir but are two quite different things. We have given you a brief overview of the two and some details to help you choose which method is right for you.

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