Mad Millie Kefir Culture vs Kefir Grains

Many people choose to drink kefir because it contains far more strains of beneficial than other cultured products such as yoghurt. Mad Millie Kefir Culture is a direct-set starter culture whereas kefir grains are reusable, and with proper care can be used indefinitely. 

As we have had a number of people confused between culture and grains, we have summarised the difference for you. 

Mad Millie Kefir Culture 

  • Looks like a powder or very tiny grains
  • Can be used with coconut water, fruit juice, coconut milk and milk
  • Contains seven strains of bacteria and one strain of yeast
  • Can reculture one to two times
  • Suited for people who do not wish to have to feed kefir regularly
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Powdered consistency - all you need to do is, pour sachet into a jar, shake, allow it to set overnight. This is a DVS (direct vat set) culture, which means the culture is a freeze-dried bacteria that can be added directly to your liquid of choice.
  • 1 sachet is sufficient for 1 L of milk, but each sachet can also be recultured up to 2 times. 
Kefir Grains 
  • Looks a lot like small cauliflower florets
  • Best used with milk or coconut milk. Non-dairy milk can be cultured, but probiotic multiplying results are hard to measure
  • Need different grains for milk or water kefir
  • Multiple numbers of strains
  • Need looking after
  • Works best when used back to back/reculture straight away. This means it can be harder to maintain. If you go away or just want a break from making kefir, you must make sure you still store them correctly. They generally need daily feeding
  • If kefir grains are dormant or dead, you may end up with rancid milk which should not be consumed
  • 2 - 4 Tbsp of milk grains to 4 cups of liquid

Both options will provide great results, whether you're a busy person or want to make this a hobby. The benefits of using our Mad Millie Kefir Culture is that it can be used for either milk based or water based kefir while kefir grains you will need to choose between either water grains or milk grains. For on the go people our culture is a great choice because it is stable and does not need any maintenance to keep alive. In the end, the choice is yours, as both options will produce delicious kefir.