Tash Meys Goals

Tell us a bit about you, what is your profession? 

My name is Tasha Meys, I’m a 24-year-old content creator and business owner. I co-own the Instagram specialist company Ace the Gram and create health and wellness content for my Instagram account @tastefullytash.

If you have a free day on the weekend, how would you choose to spend it?

On a free day, I love to catch up with friends/family, run up the Mount, or go on a hike/adventure!

What is your go-to quick and easy meal?

My quick/go-to easy meal is wraps! Lots of spinach, pesto, veggies and whatever else is hanging out in the fridge. They’re so easy and the best for lunch or dinner.

If you are having a rough day, how do you make it better? (can be anything, food, activity etc) 

The best way I cheer myself up on a rough day is by going for a run or walk outside. It always clears my head and gives me perspective on whatever is making me feel average.

Reflecting on 2018, what would you like to change about the way you are living your life?

Reflecting on 2018 I feel blessed to be going down a life track I’m so excited about. I think moving into the New Year I’m going to focus on bringing more structure into my life. Being self-employed, my day-to-day life varies a lot. I’m going to work on bringing a loose routine into my week so I can be more effective.

How are you going to implement those changes in 2019? 

I’m passionate about journalling and organising even though I’m not big on planning. I want to make some non-negotiables with myself such as putting my phone down before bed at a certain time and going to bed earlier.