A refresh, a transformation, a rebrand; label it what you will. We’re pretty sure everyone enjoys a little bit of a freshen up from time to time. Sometimes a new haircut or piece of clothing is enough to do it. Other times something a little more drastic might be called for.

Towards the end of last year, Mad Millie was feeling the same way. Wanting to maintain the fun, quirky, creative vibes but quietly creeping towards double digits (10 years old next year!). It was time for a change.

Back in the day Mad Millie launched with bright purple packaging wrapped around our cheese kits. The first fans may even have some of those beautiful cartons still lurking in the back of their cupboards. Fun and punchy, the first kits of their kind, we were starting the do it yourself movement!

The brand and products evolved over time to include all types of gourmet, artisan, and health food kits including vegan cheese, sauerkraut, and kimchi, coconut yoghurt and sourdough. The purple was abandoned as Mad Millie matured and realised that bright purple just wasn’t cool anymore. A more neutral design was released that seemed to hit the spot.

Before we knew it, we were nudging 10 years and felt like a wardrobe update was due. We wanted Mad Millie to really show off on shelf, we know it’s a great product and we wanted everyone to see that too. The packaging should represent the fun you can have with Mad Millie; that getting creative can be surprisingly easy with a little bit of help. So, we set to work!

You’ve had a sneak peek at the new and improved Mad Millie designs with the release of some products this year, we hope you like what you’ve seen so far. The focus was to make the kits all about you, our consumer. We wanted you to easily see what each kit makes when it’s sitting on the shelf. Then once you get it home the How to Guides needed to be as simplified and easy to use as possible. We want you to have success each and every time you use Mad Millie.

Side note: the packaging and instructions are changing but it’s still the same great product inside.

You’ll see more of the new designs coming out over the next 6 months as we roll out the old and move into the new. We hope you like it!