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Kefir second ferments and flavour infusions

This is the time of year when we’re feeling ready for a bit of a fresh start, for our body that is. The usual over-indulgence that is mandatory at Christmas is done and dusted and we’re in the market for something fresh and healthy to get us back on track. We think kefir can do just the trick!

All there is to know about Mad Millie Cultures

Fermentation and cultures go hand in hand, but do you actually know the details of your culture and how to get the most out of it?

Let us walk you through the different types of cultures, the best way to store them and why we love Mad Millie cultures so much.

Tips for making the best mozzarella

The satisfaction that comes from stretching out your own homemade, fresh mozzarella is hard to beat. Hot curd morphing into a delightfully smooth and shiny ball. There are some important factors when making mozzarella that can help significantly with your success, and we want to share them with you!

Good and bad moulds/molds in cheese making

Mould and cheese go hand in hand, what would camembert, brie or blue vein cheese be without the mould? A chunk of curd, that’s what. Unfortunately, from time to time you’ll open your cheese fridge or ageing box and find some sneaky scoundrels have worked their way in there and infected your precious creations. Pink, orange, red and green, sometimes even black! While these moulds aren’t ideal, we’ve given you a few guidelines below on how to avoid them in the future and what to do about them right now.

Yoghurt, Kefir or Skyr, what are the differences?

Kefir, yoghurt and skyr; all delicious, all great for your gut but what is the difference between the three? Let us guide you through a culture revelation (bacterial culture we mean) and provide some clarity on what’s what and why you might choose one over the other. All three products go through a fermentation process where the added culture converts sugars into acids. This gives the tart flavour that is synonymous with yoghurt, kefir or skyr. From there the differences start to become more obvious than the similarities.

Which sugar is best for fermenting?

The use of sugar in brewing and fermenting can raise a lot of questions, particularly if you’re just getting started in this creative realm. We’ve put together a brief overview of why you need to add sugar for brewing your ginger beer and kombucha, what types of sugar are the best for your products and some suggestions for experimentation.

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