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Tips for making the perfect feta

Feta cheese is one of those homemade creations that can prove to be a bit tricky. No matter how many times we’ve made it, it’s slightly different almost every time. This is the beauty of homemade creations though, we just put it down to the ‘artisan effect’. Whether you are a seasoned professional feta maker or just getting started, below are some tips and tricks that might help along the way.

Different types of milk

Good quality milk is where all cheese making starts. Along with quality, it’s so important to make sure you’re buying the right type of milk, otherwise, you may find your cheese making doesn’t work out quite as expected. There are three main types of milk that you will find in the supermarket, they are all pasteurised but use slightly different methods during the production process.

Kefir Culture vs Kefir Grains

Kefir can be made with grains or culture, but sometimes the difference between the two gets a tad confusing! They both produce delicious kefir but are two quite different things. We have given you a brief overview of the two and some details to help you choose which method is right for you.

Where did Limoncello come from?

There is no better way to end a summer evening than with a tipple of ice-cold limoncello. As this glorious lemon-infused alcohol slips past your lips, you can just about taste summer in Italy.

For those of you who aren’t quite so well acquainted with the history of limoncello, let's go back to the beginning. There are various stories around the true origins of limoncello ranging from local fishermen and farmers (who used it as an early morning espresso), to monks between prayer; everyone would like to lay claim to its inception.

Benefits of a Kombucha Crock

The Mad Millie Kombucha Kit has been out for a few months now and we’ve loved seeing all the feedback and photos of everyone busy brewing. Now that you’ve got the hang of kombucha we thought it was time to introduce you to the next level...The Mad Millie Kombucha Crock.

Time for a refresh!

You’ve had a sneak peek at the new and improved Mad Millie designs with the release of some products this year, we hope you like what you’ve seen so far. The focus was to make the kits all about you, our consumer. We wanted you to easily see what each kit makes when it’s sitting on the shelf. Then once you get it home the How to Guides needed to be as simplified and easy to use as possible. We want you to have success each and every time you use Mad Millie.

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