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Mad Millie Culturing Flask

We’ve been listening to feedback and know from experience how tricky it can be to maintain the temperature of your Mad Millie creations overnight. You spend time getting everything just right, add your culture and leave it in the warmest spot you can find. Only to come back the next morning to find…..nothing has happened.

What is Skyr?

Our new Skyr Kit has launched and there have been some highly amusing attempts at pronunciation. From skier to skur (with a serious rolled r) and everything in between. This delicious, high protein and low-fat product is pronounced skeer and is the new favourite dairy treat on the block.

Technically skyr is a soft cheese however it’s eaten more like a yoghurt and can be enjoyed both sweet and savoury, at breakfast, lunch or dinner! Made with the same or very similar cultures as yoghurt (which allows it to sit in the yoghurt aisle) it also has the addition of vegetarian rennet which helps to give the firmer texture.

Crunchy Nut Pulp Granola

The launch of the Mad Millie Nut Mylk Kit has inspired us to get creative with all things nut pulp. When you’re churning out a fresh batch of nut mylk each week suddenly nut pulp is stored in every little container, in all corners of the freezer. Before it’s taking up your whole freezer why not make some delicious granola straight away?

Granola sets you up properly for a day of work, school or activities and is so adaptable to whatever you have on hand. We enjoy it most when paired with Mad Millie Coconut or Greek Yoghurt!

Kombucha Second Ferment

For beginner kombucha brewers sometimes the fermentation process can seem a little daunting. There are always questions around the importance of each step and why certain things are done. One area that comes up often is the second ferment, what it’s for and if it’s really necessary.

What is Kombucha?

With the launch of the Mad Millie Kombucha Kit we’re excited to see more and more people getting creative in the kitchen with their booch. For those that are still new to the kombucha world here is a brief overview of what you’ve got to look forward to.

Everybody's still talking about Gin!

Over the last 10 years the resurgence of gin has been huge and boutique distillers continue to pop up everywhere. With our Mad Millie Gin Kit being inspired by this growth, we thought it would be interesting to understand where this trend has come from.

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