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Strawberry and Mint Kombucha

The sweet flavour of strawberries is perfectly complemented by the addition of fresh mint. Pair that with the tart zing of kombucha and you're onto a winning combination. This kombucha infusion is very easy to make and looks pretty with its pink highlights too. Best served with a squeeze and slice of lime to find the perfect flavour balance.

Brew your kombucha base the week or two before you want to make this recipe as all flavour infusions are completed during the second ferment. Follow the Mad Millie recipe for specific brewing times and instructions or pour straight into bottles from your Kombucha Crock continuous brew supply.

    Preparation Time 30 mins
    Ready In 2-3 days

    750 mL (25 fl oz)

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    • 4 Strawberries, washed and chopped
    • 2-3 Sprigs of mint
    • 730 mL (24.7 fl oz) Mad Millie Kombucha
    • 1 Lime to serve


    1. Carefully sanitise your brewing bottle with boiling water or food grade sanitiser.
    2. Put the strawberries and mint into your 750 mL (25 fl oz) brewing bottle.
    3. Pour in your freshest batch of brewed kombucha and turn the bottle gently upside down to mix the ingredients. Seal the bottle to allow carbonation to take place.
    4. Store in a dark place for 2-3 days, checking after day 2 to see how the carbonation is going.
    5. Place your Strawberry and Mint Kombucha into the fridge to chill and stop fermenting.
    6. To serve pour over ice and add a squeeze and slice of lime to give it a delicious tang.

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