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Cheese wraps are important to ensure your cheeses have the right conditions while maturing and developing flavour. The shelf life of a finished cheese is also extended when wrapped in correctly waxed coated paper. Cheeses are alive and require different types of cheese wrap depending on the type of cheese.

Silver wrap is a micro-perforated cheese wrap that allows the cheese to breathe for up to 10 weeks maturation time. Perfect for ripening blue vein and other blue moulded cheeses. White wrap is best for camembert, brie and other white moulded cheeses with a ripening period of 6 – 10 weeks. The dull side of the paper is designed to absorb excess moisture and the shiny side prevents drying out. Wax coated paper is the best option for long term refrigerated storage of your finished cheese and can be used for maturing wash-rind cheeses. Cheese wax is used for hard cheeses to help retain the moisture in the cheese and protect it from external mould while aging. Mad Millie Cheese wax is particularly straight forward to use; melt it in the bowl provided and carefully dip your hard cheese until all surfaces are covered.

Cheese and muslin cloths are a must during the cheese making process. While these can be reused again and again with a good clean/sterilisation, sometimes it’s nice to start fresh. Or if you’re like us and end up chopping them into different sized pieces, a new one can be a necessity!

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  1. Butter Muslin (90cm x 90cm)

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