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With cheese making it can be difficult to find the exact ingredients you’re after in terms of quantity, dosage or culture strain in stores. For a top-up of all required ingredients have a look at the Mad Millie Top Up Cheese Ingredients Kit, this will ensure you haven’t missed anything! If you haven’t got quite that far with your cheese making but need some more specifics, then we’ve got you covered.

The smaller quantities of salt, acid, rennets and cultures available allow you to purchase what you need for cheese making without having to worry about expiry date issues associated with purchasing in bulk. It’s particularly important to make sure you are using the correct ingredients, if you use your normal table salt your bacterial culture will not be happy!

All ingredients are GM free. Both the tablet and liquid rennets available are vegetarian with the tablets being shelf stable. The cultures produced by Mad Millie are freeze dried, direct set cultures. 

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