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Vegan products are on the rise as we all become more aware of our impact on the world and what day to day differences we can make for positive change. At Mad Millie we think that positive change shouldn’t mean missing out on your favourite treats (cheese and chocolate obviously), they just get better because you can make your own!

The philosophy of Mad Millie Kits is to make being creative in the kitchen as easy as possible while minimising unnecessary ingredients and processing. Most importantly we want to help you have fun re-connecting with food or beverages and creating something exactly how you like it. Whether you have been missing chocolate, cheese or yoghurt our range of kits has you covered.

Each kit contains all the specialised tools, equipment and ingredients to get you started and additional support is always available should you be in need. All kits are suitable for all abilities and can make the perfect gift for family and friends who like to have a bit of fun in the kitchen. Learn how to make vegan cheese, chocolate, tofu and coconut yoghurt.

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