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Fermenting is used in a huge range of products to produce a delicious, tangy, complex flavour that you just can’t achieve otherwise. As all this fermentation is happening, regardless of the food or beverage type, the live cultures are multiplying and preparing to fill your gut with all the good stuff.

If you’re ready to jump into the fermented beverage world, start with the Mad Millie Kombucha Kit or Mad Millie Kefir Kit. Both kits have all the specialty ingredients needed to start brewing as soon as you get home. The Mad Millie Kefir Kit recipes gets you to use milk, soymilk, coconut water or juice - you choose! Watermelon, mango or passionfruit kefir anyone? Mad Millie Kombucha comes complete with a ready to use scoby so you can start brewing straight away.

For more traditional fermenting, give the Mad Millie Fermenting Crock a go! It is perfect for learning how to make your own homemade sauerkraut, kimchi or other fermented vegetables. This lead-free crock has been specifically designed with an integrated airlock system and includes ceramic weights so you can be dining on fermented vegetables as much as you can. 

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  4. Mad Millie Fermenting Crock
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