Fermented foods are becoming more popular as people gain a greater understanding of gut health
and the benefits of good bacteria and yeast.
Kefir is a delicious fermented beverage that originates from the mountainous region between Eastern
Europe and Southwest Asia. The name originates from the Turkish word keyif which means ‘feeling
good’. It is similar in flavour to yoghurt with a tart, sour taste but is a thinner consistency and with a
slight fizz due to the fermentation process.

Mad Millie Kefir

• Kefir contains an abundance of good bacteria, yeast, vitamins and minerals. If made with milk it is
also a good source of calcium and protein.
• Consumers choose to drink kefir as it contains more strains of beneficial bacteria than other cultured
products like yoghurt.
• Kefir consumption is on the rise due to the increasing associations of good bacteria or probiotics and
the beneficial effects on overall health.
• Kefir can be made with milk, soy milk, coconut water or juice depending on your preference.
Kefir can be drunk as a beverage, used as a base for smoothies or added to your cereal. Without
using any heat (this will kill the good bacteria) it can also be used to accompany baking, as an
ingredient for dips, salad dressing, a dollop into some soup, the options are endless!

Mad Millie Kefir Kit

Mad Millie Kefir Culture contains 7 different strains of bacteria and one strain of yeast.
Because it is a culture rather than grains it is perfect for those that want to try and make kefir without having to maintain their kefir grains. The culture can be reused one to two times – that’s up to 2L of kefir for every kefir culture packet! To make kefir the culture is added to a glass jar and then whatever you choose to use (milk, juice, coconut water etc) added on top. Give it a mix, cover it up with a cheesecloth, leave it at room temperature for 24 hours or until it has reached your desired tartness and voila!

Mad Millie Kefir Culture

During that time the bacteria and yeast in the culture will have had time to ferment the sugars and the bacteria can proliferate and grow. After the 24 hours pop it into the fridge and use it as you desire.